Paul Watson

Paul Watson has a diverse background in investment analysis, strategy development and project management. He brings a broad range of experience from the financial and life sciences industries to management consulting projects.

Paul’s areas of focus include strategy development and financial forecasting; investment opportunity evaluation; mergers and acquisitions valuation and analysis; project management; and competitive intelligence and market analysis.

Tray Thomas

Tray founded The Context Network™ in 1992. He has spent his career helping life science companies project and capitalize on the changes created by both technical and economic developments to improve their profitability and establish competitive advantage. A Brigham Young University – Idaho and University of Idaho graduate with a Master of Science in Economics from Purdue, Tray is an expert in the development of growth strategies, opportunity analysis and in creating alliances between industries to maximize value creation and capture.

James Mann

James E. Mann, Ph.D., has more than twenty years of leadership and business experience in agricultural life science businesses. His business background includes global business planning, finance, licensing, business development, and acquisitions in both small and large company settings. James also brings strong diversity as someone who has led numerous product development activities and teams across multiple crops, chemistries, and technologies.

Jim Eckles

Jim has been managing, developing and supporting companies involved in agriculture and Ag biotechnology for 31 years. In his early career he held positions in the seed industry and was the founding manager of Cargill Seeds Mexico and the general manager of Contiseeds Brazil. He was a founding commercial manager at Zeneca Plant Science where he managed industry partnerships for the application of the then emerging plant biosciences.

Since 2001, Jim has provided independent advice to companies of all sizes and in most regions of the world through his company, Business Development Advisors, and has been active as an M&A advisor on both the buy and sell side of transactions. Mr. Eckles speaks fluent Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.