Joanne Hale

Fall 2016

Joanne Hale combines two graduate degrees in agriculture and economics (Stanford and University of California/Davis) and 11 years of agricultural volunteer work (Papua New Guinea and Philippines) with 20 years of high profile professional positions in Asia, Central Asia and Africa.   Her 11 years of grass roots experience with basic agricultural challenges and critical food security concerns were key to her success in Washington DC as the USAID Deputy Director of the Office of Southern Africa, managing a $500 million portfolio for ten countries focused, inter alia, on economic reforms and joint business ventures. Her proven leadership was subsequently showcased as the USAID/Nepal Director of a $190 million portfolio and a staff of 100. Her management and supervisory capabilities were underscored as the USAID/Uzbekistan Director of a $150 million program focused on agricultural and trade reforms. Joanne’s consultancies with USDA included leading the strategy design for Five Year Agricultural Food Security Programs in Malawi and Rwanda under President Obama’s Feeding the Future Initiative. She played the lead role in the design of a privatized 15-country West African regional fertilizer and seed program. As a Context Network consultant, Joanne conducted in-country market analysis and value chain assessments for plantain, matooke and enset food staples in Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In addition, Joanne is as a faculty member of the Food and Agribusiness Institute in the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, California. She is also on the Board of Directors for Context Global Development.